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Why was a Corrupt regulator allowed to continue for so long?

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ICCRC was approved by the Parliament and Immigrants typically do not standup to authority, especially authority approved by the Parliament. They just accept corruption and high-handed activities thinking that is the way of life in any “Government approved” organizations. It happened with CSIC, the founder regulator for the profession and has always happened with ICCRC. Bullies, corrupt individuals and people with limited knowledge about the Immigration profession & its history form a crony network and they have controlled the profession through bullying. They divided the profession and most people just don’t participate. Therefore, the crony’s and their network flourished. They followed “You scratch my back and I scratch yours” policy where your representation rates, sacrifice for the profession and investment in the profession DOES NOT MATTER. All what matters is loyalty to a group, and you held key positions. Suck up, hold positions and desiccate the profession and the name of this organization is ICCRC