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The Power of the Markets

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Markets have tremendous power. Markets can remove a consultant who is a con-artist. When regulation sets in, con-artists can be better handled but when cronyism is prevalent, and if members are used as proxies to prop up a few, then disaster strikes. Corruption flourishes and Representation rates fall because of poor client confidence.

Regulation can ONLY work if the regulator is professional and if self-regulation has to succeed, then real consultants have to be part of the process. Let us explore the facts!

The contributor to this piece is Mr. Stephen, a Senior Consultant since 1993, is tied up with his consultation work and will come to this piece shortly. This site is slated for completion in March of 2020.

Anybody has taken money from the Membership pot (in other words, if they are paid for work by ICCRC), have a fundamental obligation to follow fair practices and MUST refrain from Lying, Deception and Corruption. Anybody who indulges in such activities must be exposed with evidence!