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The Association

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This Immigration Consultant profession is the 2nd oldest profession in the world. In Canada, the regulation was introduced rather late and when all other countries in the world had a Government Regulation model, Canada adopted a self-regulation model. Self-regulation will only work when the regulator is built by Real Immigration Consultants or at least there must be a substantial influence by Real Consultants. There is NOT A SINGLE “Real Consultant” close to ICCRC or who ICCRC consults. Real Consultants are NOT allowed to participate in elections. The sad part is that the recognized “Association” unfortunately, the CEO position of the Association was occupied by Dory Jade who had no Consulting experience and leadership background which warranted him occupying the position for so long. He ruled on partnering with newer consultants who agree with him. People who have not invested in the profession and those will little understanding of the profession.