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Immigrants of colour are slave workers

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This is a narrative of Mr. Stephen, an Immigration Practitioner for 28 years and a Immigrant of colour. He is an owner/director of a Multi-National Canadian Corporation who pays Canadian Taxes and collects all these fees in Canadian Dollars Globally. Like other Multinational Canadian Corporation directors, he cannot participate in ICCRC elections because of a flawed regulatory setup. He feels racism has NO place in today’s society but ICCRC practices it ardently. Content posted here is his narration on his experience after self-regulation came into existence.

“Priorities” are just talking points. NO action and those who sacrifice and try to make change, if they are immigrants, they are ignored and belittled, if they are whites, they rise to glory!

I am an Immigration consultant for the past 28 years and I am a proud Immigrant. When Self regulation was introduced 10 years back, I wanted to do something for this profession which has given a lot to me. I don’t look for “name and fame” but would certainly like to be treated with dignity. I know without a question, that the worst enemy for the immigration profession is FAKE Consultants who are involved in a variety of Immigration Scams and their numbers are also based on the major source countries of Immigrants for Canada. India is the number 1 source country for Canada today, followed by Philippines. I also know that unless these governments make a concerted effort to include the Canadian definition of Fake Consultants in their laws, nothing really is going to influence the fakes. Investing my own time, money and effort, I went several times to Delhi, learned about the Government and who to dialogue with to create some kind of a impact. I went several times to the office of the Protector of Immigrants, made inroads and after several attempts convinced them to recommend changes. They agreed to do so if I obtained a document either from the Canadian High Commission in India OR from the Parliament approved regulator. Being a supposedly “self regulated” platform, I approached the CEO of ICCRC, a white man at that time and has always been WHITE. He just pooh poohed me. I am an immigrant after all, not worthy of any hearing. The opportunity to make an impact with the Indian Government on Fake Consultants diminished and vanished and Fakes survive and thrive today, many with the assistance of ICCRC members and I had provided proof in one of my earlier communications which again is ignored and belittled. An Immigrant after all, who cares what he has to say!

I would have been glorified and hailed as a savior if I were a WHITE man or if I was a crony of a white. Immigrants standing by themselves are discriminated against and ignored.

ICCRC has NEVER had a colored CEO. It would have been a blessing if ICCRC picked a Multi-national (Agent FREE) Canadian Corporation CEO which closed down (because of the failed practices of ICCRC) as a CEO of ICCRC. Today ONLY people who profit from the members thrive. Consultants is left with little or no opportunity. They have included Education Consultants which is so very WRONG and this can discussed separately. This is an “opinion” based on facts and Immigrants DO NOT have the right even to have “opinions based on facts”

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