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Serious Questions

Who would quadruple membership when representation rates (Opportunity) are going down year after year when ICCRC was regulating?

Would this happen with a government-run regulation? Absolutely NO

Who will do such a thing? Not real Consultants

Who are these people who have taken over this regulation and a phony association? Who is Phil? Ali? Dory? Latifa? What is their background? Did they own or run Canadian Corporations with global operations? Did they have the confidence of the public with high representation rates? Did they invest in the profession they believe in? Are they agent-free or do they sell their name to foreign entities or even fake consultants? Did they sacrifice (real sacrifice) anything for the profession other than cronyism? If the answer is NO, then why are they deciding on the direction of this profession?

What will happen if the Taxi Regulator in the GTA quadruples the number of taxies on the road when ridership is going down year after year? Chaos

Who will do such a thing? Not taxi drivers or those whose interest is in the profession. It can only happen when the profession is hijacked!

What happens if the government regulates the industry? Such disasters will Never happen!

Let us explore what really happened, and how this profession is on its knees today. Who profited from it and who the losers were! The analysis is based on actual data and is fascinating.

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