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Self Representation Rates!

 Why is self- representation rates important?

Something to think about: When you elect people, who do not have self-Representation rates or those without any representation rates, you are going to have a team of people who do not understand the profession. That is the reason why the public seeking representation has reduced year after year under ICCRC.

Representation Rates are a closely guarded secret among IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER’s and why is that so? If an IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER discloses Representation Rates, it demonstrates a lot and it gives the membership a fair way to evaluate the potential of the candidate being elected as an ICCRC Director. The lack of such disclosure allows individuals like Latifa to occupy the Director seat for 6 years with little contribution to the profession.

  • If a threshold is established based on Practice platform, Representation rates show the following:
  • Successful in the job the IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER is doing or at least maintaining minimum acceptance in the market
  • Accepted as a Representative in the market (Client acceptance)
  • Accepted by the public (clients) as a trustworthy and dependable IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER
  • Easily identify if the individual is part-timing. The best way is to know their representation rates
  • Easily identify if the individual is credible and along with experience and representation rates, this will disclose credibility as well
  • The most easily auditable rate for any IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER is their representation rates.
  • Anyone with high representation rates will be focussed on Representation and not on the PPMP.
  • Most “True” consultants will extend their service FREE of charge without any desire for PPMP because it in in the interest of a Hard-Core consultant to see the profession grow (not the PPMP).
  • Open disclosure is a must, any IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER who earns through self-regulation MUST openly disclose their income from ICCRC. Just as a stockbroker must disclose to their client their interest in a particular stock, or just like an IMMIGRATION PRACTITIONER must disclose to their client if they are earning a commission on services offered to a client, those posting messages and attacking other members MUST post their earnings form ICCRC if they have made money off the regulator.

“Self Representation Rates” is defined by the number of clients seeking representation by a Consultant through his/her own investment and expertise. (Self Representation Rates DO NOT include Referrals from Agents, Franchisees or any other sources there the Consultant’s investment is not involved)

Today’s model reflects everything which is bad for the profession. NO representation rates are commuted or talked about and people who have limited or NO representation rates spend a lot of time “mentoring” new consultants to get them to support a particular group and providing answers in forums etc.

Most people who vehemently support Self Regulation earn from Self-regulation. They don’t support the Profession but support Self Regulation possibly because they could have a vested interest. Leadership must be established through growth in stages which includes having good representation rates so that they understand the profession.

Today’s self-regulation model helps a selected few and I believe it is bad for the profession. The Immigration consultation profession can be regulated through Self Regulation (Canada), or by the Immigration Department (Australia & New Zealand) or by the Police Department (United Kingdom). What is good for the profession should not be determined by who regulates. Those who are “True Consultants” who focus on Representing clients and investing in the profession will ensure that they don’t mix “Self-Regulation” with the Immigration Consulting profession. Only Consultants with High Self Representation rates will understand the hardships involved in obtaining and maintaining clients. Representing clients is their livelihood and destroying their livelihood is not what the Regulator should be tasked to do.