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Abject Racism

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Until a few years back, Canadian multinational Immigration (Agent Free) firms had a distinct flavour. They were all owned by Immigrants. The reason was because Developing Nations did not allow foreign nationals to operate a business on their soil (Regulations changed over the past 5 years). We have seen major Canadian Immigration source countries shifting between India, Philippines, and China where China went backward over the past 5 years when knowledge of English (or French) influenced skilled worker migration in large part. Developing nations only allowed people with their heritage to operate a business on their soil. This was the case in India and most other developing nations. This prevented Whites from owning businesses in Developing countries and gave an advantage to Immigrants who believed in this profession and set up multinational corporations after substantially investing in it. When people invest their life an money in a Profession they are doing so for the long haul.

Unfortunately, this profession attracts some of the scums of society. Most of them want to make a quick buck without investing anything in the profession or in the business models. They depended on others like Agents to invest and they made a quick buck of it. When there was no regulator, the markets took the bad ones, however, when the Regulator was appointed, the Regulator took the role of the market in determining the credibility of the members & failed to deliver. This was one of the major factors that brought down representation rates (public seeking representation) and opportunity for Consultants. ICCRC is a “WHITE” managed platform and they love Immigrants of colour who are “YES people” and possibly use them as proxies.

However, ICCRC had to make money. They did not care about bankruptcy and opportunity for their members. They were predominantly white (with little or no business ownership experience) and they did not invest in the profession. They invested in themselves & how they could make money out of Immigrant members. Many Immigrants invested in the profession and barely succeeded. Some failed because lower and lower representation numbers meant no food on the table. The ones who succeeded were Agent-based consultants who allowed their agents to say anything to clients and took refuge behind the protection of their agents. Some sold their AR portal to Fake consultants overseas to make money.  ICCRC never prosecuted or acted against any FAKES overseas because they had an excuse: “Outside our jurisdiction”. Shameful!

Instead of tightening when Representation rates (client confidence) was spiraling down, they reduced selection criteria and increased their membership. Lower opportunity (public seeking representation) coupled with an indirect promotion of fake consultants devastated this profession. ICCRC quadrupled their membership. Most are Immigrants, vulnerable, and exploited individuals!

Today Agent FREE Canadian Multinational Corporations (Immigration firms) is almost extinct thanks to the RACIST operation of ICCRC. The regulator created regulations that blocked the participation of election of these Agent FREE Multinational Canadian Corporations because they introduced criteria that were based on boundaries when Immigration Consultants typically work without boundaries. Condition to participate in an ICCRC board election “ you must be a resident of and have your primary place of business in, the geographic region you wish to seek office”. A primitive condition used for municipal or provincial regulation and not a global regulator like an “Immigration regulator.” A copy of the form can be viewed here! Directors of Canadian MultiNational Immigration Corporations often live in Canada and have global operations.

Other Racist approaches of ICCRC!

Born into the wrong heritage!

Immigrants of colour treated as slaves

Race plays a major role in awarding ICCRC consultation roles, contracts, and recruitment.

Why is representation rates important? If you are an Immigration Consultant, please spend a few minutes reading this!