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If I were a white man… Racism in ICCRC

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In this information release, Mr Stephen an Immigrant of colour has experienced abject Racism in ICCRC and CAPIC. He posted a message on the Association website and a caucasian women insulted him and the racism is obvious…… Personal Experience of an Immigration Consultant of Indian origin, A Canadian Citizen with 28 years of consulting experience. Mr. Stephen has this to say:

Here is my personal experience with ICCRC a racist organization.  I was inappropriately asked by a sitting director of ICCRC Ms Latifa El-Ghandouri for money. I refused to offer it and complained to the ICCRC complaints department. Latifa El-Ghandouri responded to the complaint which was a blatant lie. ICCRC did not act.

I wanted the assistance of the “Association” who I was a member at that time. The Association I thought was an organization who was supposed to be of assistance to any injustice to an Immigration Consultant. I expected the Association to request information and discuss the issue. Instead what I encountered with abject racism, hidden it is most devious forms. I started off with this  message:

November 2015, I attended the ICCRC AGM and got back to find an email in my inbox. It was an email from a new member who was elected to the Board of directors of ICCRC. The email was a demand for a bribe (in my view and i cannot think of it otherwise). The amount demanded if I recall, was around $3500 under a flimsy pretext and the email went on to say that this individual was “popular” among colleagues (possibly meaning the election victory). I immediately reported this to ICCRC who elevated it to a complaint which was later closed (without a proper reason).

June 2017, I just concluded an immigration seminar in an Indian city and a participant came up to me and said “I wish you were NOT an ICCRC member”, and I asked him why? He said that his friend had complained to ICCRC about an agent who had mislead his friend and demanded a refund. The response from the ICCRC member associated with the agent were absolute lies which his friend proved as lies to ICCRC. It has been several months and no decision was made with that  Complaint. He told me that ICCRC and Consultants are a bunch of “frauds”. I asked him why he is approaching me because I am a RCIC and he told me that it was ONLY because he has friends in Canada who I had represented.

My dear colleagues, I am not a bearer of good news, and in this communication and a series of communication to follow, I would like to share with you my experiences. I am just an ordinary RCIC with no agenda and an absolute supporter of self-regulation, however, I have seen some of my employees quit because of bad press and some poor complaints management (my view) by the regulator and it is impacting me professionally.

A simple and ordinary message seeking assistance but very soon, a Caucasian (White) woman insulted me for no reason. Immigrants do not have the right to seek assistance. She talked to me like she would to a slave, “If you have the balls…….” She went on..  Most new immigrants unfortunately think that Caucasians are honest, and they joined her and continued the verbal abusive behavior. Unable to withstand the abusive insults, I posted my resume to let people know that I am an Immigration Consultant, a colleague for almost 3 decades. This was the message I posted about myself:

When started?First advertisement in the Indian papers in mid-1993, Did part time for 7 years. First office with staff in 1999.
Pervious company namePolar consultants. (Had to change it because India would not allow Polar as too many businesses have the same name, strange!)
Current company namePolinsys Ltd (Registered in Canada, India, Malaysia and Nepal)
Other establishments:One Data center and 10 document collection/seminar centers  
Partners or Franchisees:NONE
Staff Strength:83
Number of total representations:1000’s
Number of applications currently being represented (live) today734
Client DemographicsOver 95% of my clients from a small state (province) in India and from Ontario in Canada.
Canada Education Recruitment?Yes
How many student intakes per year2016/2017 – 110 students (objective 650 by 2020)

At this point, another Caucasian man instigated Ali Amlani to “deal” with me. These Racist Caucasians do instigate attacks and infighting among immigrants and it could be visible here. Even though I mentioned nothing against Alli Amlani or anyone else and the post was about me so that people know that I am an experienced consultant, Alli took it on himself to lie about me, and even lied about wages offered in countries like India. He mentioned his “Associates” earn more, without mentioning what he meant by associates. Associates are agents or people often earn a commission. The Newsletter (RCIC’s together) then expanded on the falsehood offering praise to Mr. Alli even though his response was blatantly written lies and highly questionable. Ali was the former chairperson of the board of Directors of ICCRC.

In this profession, if one has to “Work with the Whites and listen to whatever they say” or bear the consequences of being lied about and being belittled. If I bow before them, my status is highly elevated. I then become a loyalist and can hold positions in ICCRC. This is wrong, absolutely wrong! Most in ICCRC do not want to disclose their representation rates and for good reason. However, because most in ICCRC lie openly without any provocation or cause, it is important to know about the person when they want to sit in the board of the Regulator because they could have a negative or positive influence on this profession. Just as how Politicians release their tax returns, without representation rates or tax returns, it becomes impossible to lay faith on individuals based on their hidden numbers. WE have seen people sitting in the board of ICCRC blatantly LIE and are openly corrupt with the support and handshake of the ICCRC.

Racism is inborn as a tradition in ICCRC and whites without any investment in the profession or representation rates hold Key positions and they ensure loyalists are elected as Directors of ICCRC. This is something very few can really understand, especially when this organization is approved by the Canadian Parliament!

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