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Racism in Canada?

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Is Canada Racist? This is one of the ‘most-asked‘ questions according to Mr. Stephen whenever he speaks at an overseas event. We asked Mr. Stephen what his thoughts are.

Canada is not a racist country and this is evident in the governance model which includes diversity. You can see it in the parliament and in most other seats of power within the country. But to claim there is no racism in Canada is naive.

Of all professions, why would the regulator of the profession dealing mostly with Immigrants be racist? ‘Well‘ said Mr. Stephen, ‘Human beings have flaws, and the profession of Immigration services has historically attracted the scums of society and ignorance contributed to such behaviour. On the other hand, we have also seen those who are there to serve.

Racism, corruption, cronyism are all traits that are camouflaged with a reason and are hard to identify. If exposed, they will always come up with a reason which in itself is racist. If you saw two white men buttering each other’s backs during the AGM2020 of ICCRC, and you think what you saw is the representation of the Immigration Profession, you are wrong. Coloured Immigrants who are experienced and hard-working and who have served this profession and done a lot of positives for this profession are blocked from any leadership role unless they agree to be a crony. Mr. Stephen will shortly release a communication he has had with Mr. John Murray, the President and CEO of ICCRC and racism seems to be evident with this regulator.