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Ponzi Scheme

ICCRC is a Ponzi scheme, where they don’t care about Immigration Consultants and their Representation opportunities. They are taken over by support services and newer the consultants are, more the profits. The wallet of each new consultant is targeted, and the organization is setup in such a way that they keep taking new consultants and with reduced opportunity, these trusting new consultants could leave. The recycling continues. The ONLY people who make money in this profession are educators, and support service personnel. A raw deal for Immigration Consultants.

Clues: In times of crisis, the coffers of the lead organization will be empty. Example: at a time of economic crisis, the coffers in the Government will be low because money is invested to prop up the economy. However, at a time when representation rates are at the lowest ever, ICCRC has a lot of money and are thriving.

Because ICCRC is a crony-based organization where they have this “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” attitude, there are positions in ICCRC which is taken over by cronies just because they are one. Most positions are filled based on “Loyalty” rather than something more solid like “individual representation rates” & suitability for the job.

Just as some of them strip off a client (member of the public) of their money, they now have a new victim to target: Unsuspecting Canadians who want to be part of one of the oldest professions in the word, Immigration Services. Like vultures, support services like CAPIC, CPD linked courses and faculty members of Immigration courses (Educators) prey on them and with no opportunities available to them, newer members, after investing a lot of money and time, could leave the profession. This kind of a Ponzi scheme cannot be approved by Parliament.

No human being must be part of an organization whose directors are corrupt, and who is crony based