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Canadian Parliament Approved

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Charter of Rights & Freedoms: The ICCRC way! A corrupt regulator in Canada. An opinion piece of a coloured Immigration Consultant whose 3 decades of experience has taught him something about people he once considered “colleagues”

Mr Stephen, an Immigration Practitioner for 28 years had this narrative of ICCRC, the Immigration practitioner’s regulator of Canada. He talks about ICCRC in the first person!

  1. ICCRC (we) have convinced everyone that this profession is less than a decade old. We mentioned it in the townhalls (Mississauga) and we have our assistant (CAPIC) promoting it. You have snubbed us by reminding us that this profession is the second oldest profession in the world but nobody will believe you! We are “Parliament approved”.
  2. Our (ICCRC’s) supporters have the right to be Corrupt. Not only can they be corrupt, we also allow our supporters to lie and we accept their lies. Do you remember that when you complained about Latifa, she mentioned that this is a civil complaint and she is suing you in Court? Did she sue you? She has no case but you shut up, because our supporters are allowed to lie. So can you if you support us! Keep in mind, we are “Parliament Approved”.
  3. Our (ICCRC) word against yours! Our previous “Chairman of the board of directors of ICCRC” lied about you at you and whatever you say, nobody will believe you. YOu are an ordinary member, keep that in mind. We are “Parliament Approved” and therefore everyone trusts us!
  4. If you are a coloured Immigrant, you need to follow through or we will discredit you and decimate you! Just approve of us, we are “Parliament Approved”
  5. You need to understand your place. You are a coloured Immigrant, you can work for the common good, but we (ICCRC) will NOT credit you for your work! Coloured people don’t deserve credit or discussions with! You are coloured and must be happy you can represent clients. Support us and you will get somewhere! We are “Parliament Approved”.
  6. If you are a coloured immigrant and if you complain about us (ICCRC) or any of our friends (cronies), you will be belittled, insulted, and attacked even if you approach us for any support. Our lies are the truth for all including the Parliamentarians. If you want to preserve your balls, just shut up! We are “Parliament Approved”
  7. You pay us your fees, and you deserve no rights! We will do what we want with the money we receive. We only allow “supporters” to hold positions so that we get paid through contracts even though we have no experience (Representation rates). If you don’t pay us your fees, you cannot practice your profession. We will remove you, you “Ball Less” coloured Immigrant!
  8. We don’t care if everyone participates in voting because we only care about winning. Even if only 1/3rd of the membership votes, winning counts. We have reduced eligibility criteria and have taken in huge numbers of Immigrants who would support us. We can easily manage to convince the 1/3rd that we are the greatest even though the opportunity for Immigration Consultants have gone down year after year after we have taken power. We have openly asked members NOT to Vote if you don’t like what is going on, and most won’t. This is good for us! Just shut up! We are “Parliament Approved” after all!
  9. Even when we conduct townhall (Mississauga Townhall), we whites will have all the time to speak on the podium but you coloured immigrants, we will boo you and snub you and remove you from the podium if you ask any questions. You do not have that right! We are “Parliament Approved”.
  10. We will NOT record our meetings (Townhall) because we do not want to provide any evidence and we have several who will provide evidence if we ask them, you are a coloured immigrant and you don’t have that power. Beware, we are “Parliament Approved”.
  11. You Coloured Immigrants DO NOT have the right to ask questions based on data and facts`, and if you do, we (ICCRC) will put another person of your same colour who supports us to explain fantasies without data! We are credible with everyone because we are “Parliament Approved”.
  12. Change your ways you coloured immigrant, and you will be well rewarded. You can be corrupt; you can lie about everyone else and we will elevate you! Look at Latifa, she demanded $3500 from you as a bribe and she is elevated to be on the board for 3 terms! Look at Ali, he lied about you to everyone, and he was the “Chair of the Board of Directors”. All you need to do is to support us whites and you will be happy. We are the supreme race and you can see it, we are “Parliament Approved” and nobody will believe you!
  13. Please do not bring out facts and figures, we know how to thrash it with your own kind. We have “our people” around who can deal with such issues. You know what happened in the ICCRC Town Hall (Mississauga), we did not allow you to talk much and we even disrupted you by asking questions. The chair even howled at you! Good luck to you! We are “Parliament Approved”
  14. We the whites and our supporters have taken over dude, just relax! Your experience and your work does not matter to us! We reign supreme! We are “Parliament Approved”. You just got away with $3500 demand from one of our supporters Latifa, the next time, the demand would be much more! Be warned!
  15. The CEO of ICCRC will always be white and to be on the safe side, his lieutenant could be coloured. If you do not support us, you will also be decimated soon! Be warned! We are “Parliament Approved”.
  16. Yes, client confidence in this profession has reduced in the last decade and therefore Representation rates have gone down. Despite that, we have increased membership because we do not care, all we care about is that you pay your “contribution” every year so that you are allowed to work. Do not pay and you are out! We are “Parliament Approved”.
  17. We or our supporters will openly lie about you coloured immigrant and you will be helpless. WE are “Parliament Approved” and everyone trusts us. For your recollection, Ali, our supporter lied about you and misled about himself, do you remember that episode where he lied that you have NO Canadian employees, and your staff in India is paid $100 a month? We also will self promote ourselves or allow our supporters to self promote themselves. Do you recall when he compared your employees to his “Associates”? Associates are foreign agents and he does not pay them, but we will mislead the membership to think otherwise. Please beware and join our team! You are a Coloured Immigrant, do not question us. Shut up and support us. You will go places! Look at Alli, Look at Latifa!
  18. Bold, Inclusive & Diverse?? Yes, as ICCRC we are all that is mentioned but in a little different way! We are boldly WHITE, with a look of Inclusivity (supporters ONLY) and with a look of Diversity (Membership diverse, CEO always WHITE). Don’t mess with us, if you are a coloured Immigrant, we will brand you man without Balls! We are “Parliament Approved”.
  19. We at ICCRC are not looking for experience and growth of the profession. WE are looking for supporters who have a history of NO experience and who have committed crime so that they become “obligatory” supporters. Forget your experience and stuff, just be loyal! Keep in mind you are a coloured Immigrant and you will only gain with loyalty to ICCRC? Just do it! We are “Parliament approved”!
  20. History has told you Mr Stephen that Whites reign this world. You are a coloured Immigrant. You have to work, fight with fakes and defend this profession and earn your money from representing clients and pay us the fees for you to do it. That is how it is, Plain and simple! We Whites have controlling rights. WE can afford to exercise that right only because of your work and the fees you pay. You don’t question us, but we will question you! We are “Parliament Approved”
  21. We know you represent clients and you are keen on dealing with people in leadership with high Representation Rates based on service platforms. That is NOT what ICCRC is all about. We don’t care about client satisfaction, then why did we reduce language requirements to become a consultant? We don’t care what clients think about immigration services. If that was our focus we will be focusing on improving representation rates (public seeking immigration services) which has been going down year after year after the regulation was introduced. Don’t try to bring up these figures because we will lie about you and we will be believed. We whites know how to talk, and you have NO chance. All we care about is to ensure that you pay your fees, or you leave the profession. So many are waiting to become Immigration Consultants because we (ICCRC) have reduced qualifications and language requirements. Who cares about the public? We want our pockets to be taken care of and we are “Parliament Approved”. Don’t pay fees and your livelihood is taken away! You coloured immigrant, be happy with what you have!
  22. Lie, Defy, Deny: This is our strategy. We have lied about you and everyone believes us. Just shut up and keep going. It is the best thing for you. If you don’t shut up, we will send out our next barrage of lies about you and against you! We are “Parliament Approved”
  23. We have a powerful tool “RCIC Together” and we will use this resource to lie and discredit anyone who brings out Representation Rates. We have access to every member’s email ID. We are trusted more because we are “Parliament Approved”
  24. We believe a True Consultant is the one who is loyal to us (The Whites). Nothing else matters. If you work as a real estate clerk, passed your Immigration Exam, do not have any experience and Representation Rates you are welcome to sit on the board. Just support us (The White group) and when you are on the board, we will tell you what to do.