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Mr Stephen

Mr Stephen is sorry for his delayed response:

This site is created to show the wrong direction this profession has taken and anybody who reads it must understand the background of the contributor Mr Stephen who is a Immigration Practitioner since 1993.

Mr Stephen runs an immigration firm with multiple offices in Canada and Overseas. His organization is AGENT FREE without the influence of any foreign entity. All his international offices collect Representation fees in Canadian $ and deposit them in a Canadian Account on Canadian soil within the legal jurisdiction of ICCRC and the RCMP.

At any time, Mr Stephen represents over 500 Immigration applications and therefore is extremely busy. He obtains his data through analysis of data provided by IRCC including representation rates and other data mentioned on this website! He knows that the profession is going in the wrong direction and has sought the assistance of ICCRC and worked for the profession (without name or fame) spending his own money but could not accomplish results because ICCRC and their directors do not analyze data, understand the profession and typically has the attitude of belittling Coloured Immigrants like Mr Stephen.

Mr Stephen feels sorry for the late development of this website but will try to keep posting as time goes. Currently he contributes around one page per 10 days and shall try to improve contributions as and when time permits.

Mr. Stephen comes from an era where there was no regulation, and the market-determined the fate of a consultant. It was brutal, you lied, and you were out. If you were brutally honest, you could stick around. There were not many consultants around in those days, he is talking about the 1990s. Immigration services attracted some of the worst in society because they thought it was quick money. Some succeeded in ripping off clients and paying the penalty. Markets were not so kind. Then came regulation. The first regulator was CSIC, which had rock-solid policies. The understood immigration services from a global standpoint. They had policies that included tax evasion, and the behaviour of a Consultant to another Consultant in the marketplace. But like most seeking to make a quick buck, they were corrupt and were replaced by ICCRC. What was first looking like a fair platform soon turned to corrupt practices and deception. People associated with ICCRC often lied with such veracity and a mostly immigrant membership was subdued. The board members like Ali Amlani and Latifa El-Ghandouri were so dishonest and corrupt and it was the trademark of ICCRC. Ali lied to me about me, openly and in writing thinking I will just keep quiet being a coloured immigrant. Latifa became elected and demanded money based on her popularity or election success. The regulation actually destroyed the profession, Members were forced to pay money for regulation and for CPD points and it was just to appease the Canadian Parliament who created these monsters.

Mr Stephen is a global individual whose friends are from varied backgrounds. In fact, some of his best friends are Caucasians, and some are in the industry. He has worked with some of the top immigration consultants we can be proud of being a Canadian, but NEVER has he encountered corruption like that from a sitting ICCRC director Latifa El-Ghandouri

Why are representation rates important? If you are an Immigration Consultant, please spend a few minutes reading this!