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ICCRC thoughts

What ICCRC thinks about Immigrants:

I am sorry to have to talk about people based on the colour of their skin which I never thought I would resort to in my lifetime. Facts need to be discussed and the actions of ICCRC and CAPIC makes me discuss them and Race is a huge part of it! When I say whites, I mean Caucasian, and I mean those associated with ICCRC in a leadership role.

I have experienced that Whites don’t involve in blatant lies, but they motivate and instigate immigrants to attack another. They use race to do the dirty work of lying to the membership! They support the lies through newsletters and are given prominent positions at all meetings!

I am commonly referencing “Whites” because a group of people who are Whites reign ICCRC through a crony system. ICCRC as an organization is a RACIST & Corrupt organization and I have provided evidence. I am appalled, sad and disgusted that race is a discussion to be addressed with this profession which is actually founded for the races.

This is the ICCRC internal law and this is what they practice:

  • Immigrants are disposable, if one goes, there is always someone else!
  • Immigrants don’t deserve appreciation of work, they are our slaves! If immigrants support us, give them “positions” because they will defend us with their blood! If they don’t support us, just lie about them and eradicate them!
  • DO NOT treat immigrants the way we treat “our kind”. If they ever accomplish something, just don’t even mention it!
  • Immigrants don’t know a thing, the more the experience, the dumber they are. Just ignore them or use them to support “us”!
  • It is very easy to instigate insults among immigrants, let “us” just instigate some trouble and sit and watch!

Parliament has the power to obtain CAPIC discussion threads, especially the ones involving me, and you can see it for yourself the race baiting that goes on. Please ensure the discussion thread also includes messages deleted by members because the “whites” after post an insulting comment and after instigating the membership will delete their comment.

Canada is fortunate that there are many Caucasians who are not racist but when a Racist group takes over an organization, the flavour, and the platform changes. Today ICCRC does not work in the interest of the consumer, nor does it work in the interest of paid members. The proof is in the pudding: Representation rates going down and down! When you have a “Association” working with the regulator instead of keeping it in check, there is another problem: Cronyism.