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Heritage denies opportunity. The law of a Racist Organization

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Multinational Immigration Corporations were decimated after ICCRC came into existence and this group of effective contributors was not included in the process by ICCRC. They formulated a law that said one must live and practice your profession in the same location (city). This is NOT what immigration is. Immigration is about work without borders, and this regulation stopped participation of what is a key participatory and contributory group of people. They are the Multinational Immigration Corporations where owners stayed in Canada and had multiple offices overseas and were agent FREE. This condition to participate in contributing to the profession was RACIST in its very formulation and implementation. In my knowledge, all AGENT FREE Multinational Corporations were owned by Coloured Individuals.

  • Canadian Corporations overseas (Agent FREE) fight fake consultants every single day and who better can discuss how to eradicate Fake consultants. However, they are blocked from participation because of the colour of their skin,
  • Canadian Corporation overseas (Agent FREE) has negotiated with foreign governments on implementing some of the regulations in Canada to protect Canadian Immigration services and who better can discuss how to eradicate Fake consultants but they are blocked from participation because of the colour of their skin,

Proxies: How ICCRC operated was through proxies. Consultants like Latifa Al Ghandari can be corrupt, coloured, but if she is an ardent and blind supporter of the Caucasian group, she can sit on the board immune of any corrupt behaviour. She is protected by ICCRC, a racist white organization.  Now when anyone say ICCRC is a racist organization, they will be quick to respond that their “elected Directorships” comprise of mostly immigrants, however, if you cherry-pick corrupt individuals with limited or no experience, canvas and elect people you place as proxies (Job of the Association CAPIC), who are immigrants, this is a different level of RACISM which must be investigated and exposed. Phil Mooney was canvassing for Latifa for her re-election. The benefits seem to be obvious.

What were the qualifications which Canadian Multinational corporations that did not fit well into the agenda of the white powerhouse of ICCRC? Here are some of them:

  1. Almost all Canadian Multinational Corporations (Agent Free) were owned by people of colour.
  2. Canadian Multinational Corporations (Agent Free) operated based on DATA, Facts and typically did not believe on wild assumptions not based on facts
  3. Canadian Multinational Corporations (Agent Free) were highly knowledgeable because they were exposed to the elements directly and did not “suck up” to the whites
  4. Owners of Canadian Multinational Corporations (Agent Free) were lied to and about by members of a group to keep them away
  5. Owner/Director of Multinational Canadian Immigration firms mostly live in Canada but own offices globally!

And much more…..

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