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Did regulation do any good to this profession? Let us examine how it destroyed this profession!

Regulation helped those who preyed on Consultants.

People without any investment, sacrifice or commitment occupied key roles with the regulator and came up with regulations which destroyed the fabric of Immigration consultation. Whites predominantly occupied those position and get offended when others display their representation rates or investment and sacrifices to the profession. They developed a crony network and vigorously vetted and recruited those who support the “White” cause and viciously attacked and belittled coloured immigrants who sacrificed a lot for this profession. They dwelled in Air Conditioned buildings in Canada and attacked and insulted those consultants who negotiated with foreign governments for the sake of the profession, fought FAKE CONSULTANTS overseas with their bare hands and collected fees in Canadian $$ paying Canadian taxes on Canadian Soil even if the branches collecting them were overseas branches. They were an asset to the profession but they were kept at bay from participating in the process through fictitious regulations. This is what the current regulator contributed for the profession:

  1. Every year, like the Shakespearian character Shylock, they demanded their pound of flesh through fees which did little to elevate this profession. The funded projects like spying on coloured immigrants, consulted only with “Whites”, supported FAKE CONSULTANTS by allowing AR Portals to be sold, created regulations which were non-inclusive and subtly handled race to their benefit.
  2. Representation rates dramatically reduced year after year once regulation was introduced by the Canadian Parliament. Opportunities for Consultants went down year after year, however, they recruited new consultants and the consultant pool kept increasing. The “new” consultants had little opportunity but if they supported the “Whites”, they were rewarded through Positions in ICCRC.
  3. They did not understand service platforms and they rarely devoted time to understand Immigration services. Their heads were dug into the Canadian Soil and did not consider Immigration as a global phenomenon. Canadian Multinational corporations often owned by coloured Immigrants was NOT allowed to participate in the process. They preferred Agent based consultants and FAKE consultants who they directly and indirectly rewarded.
  4. They followed a RACIST approach to management where if you were white, you were treated a lot better!
  5. …more to come…..

Why is representation rates important? If you are an Immigration Consultant, please spend a few minutes reading this!