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Bruce Perrault and “RCIC together”, if this is not racism, then what is?

This weekend, the first weekend of October 2020, when Mr. Stephen was looking for some other old email communication, he happened to open emails from a Racist and rumour-mongering publication that ICCRC supports and endorses. Mr. Stephen read comments about himself in this publication which were FALSE and he will take the time to respond and notify authorities about how deep racism is embedded in this profession and its regulator. More to come about the false and public distribution of hidden racist material which has impacted Mr. Stephen!

Mr. Stephen will respond to all the Q&A mentioning his name from a publication that is headed by what he considers a “Racist group of white individuals”. He will establish why he thinks so on this page! Mr Stephen feels that what is displayed in this newsletter is stark racism in its raw form.

Mr. Stephen has requested us to break this newsletter image into segments he intends to talk about. These individuals introduce a whole bunch of garbage and mix the garbage to look incomprehensible. Because these individuals hold positions in ICCRC or once held positions in ICCRC, they come across as credible. Let us analyze how credible they are! What looks like a Fact Checker is anything but, and when the fact-checker with falsehood is compiled by individuals who have shown themself as a leader in the profession, it is painful:

The above image is a section where my (J Stephen) had my name is written and the phrase “It is difficult to find facts in the posting…” This is typical of how the Whites in ICCRC classify their coloured colleagues if they are not in agreement with them. If any of my assertions are false, I would find myself in court battling ICCRC a regulator that is founded on Racism, corruption, falsehood and lies. Coloured immigrants like myself are treated like slaves who have to work and pay their exorbitant fees so that they can live in comfort. Representation rates for this profession have consistently gone down year after year and the only people who gained the formation of this regulator are the Whites who associated themselves with ICCRC and their cronies. I have prepared a separate document on “Representation Rates” because the White Group does not seem to understand the basics. Representation Rates is such a basic formula or a definition to define the success of a regulator or an association but NOBODY would like to use this word because it would expose every person who holds positions in ICCRC and it would expose the failure of the regulator and the association. We will define it so that the “experts” (based on the colour of their skin) can take a lesson from coloured slaves like myself!

I have NO grievance against Latifa El-Ghandouri. There are honest practitioners and dishonest ones. It is there in every profession. My concern was with the regulator and how much they would accommodate a corrupt consultant on the board and for 3 terms. I will publically display the evidence shortly on this site. It is a textbook case of corruption with no buts or ifs. Latifa El-Ghandouri had even lied to the ICCRC complaints department in her response to the complaint and there is evidence of it. We will revisit the whole incident once again and I will provide a link at a later date. It exposes cronyism and that is disturbing!

Absolutely, everyone has the right to an opinion, but if the opinion is based on facts and if corruption is tolerated because of cronyism, it is something very different. Then the regulator’s mandate is questioned or is it not? Why does a director of ICCRC when she gets elected to the board demand bribes (under fictitious reasons) from an ordinary member and why does ICCRC not investigate it thoroughly?

This is what Mr. Stephen had to say: “Evidence-based opinions matter. In fact, with self-regulation, any opinion matters. In this instance, I applaud Mr. Perrault for his honesty. The fact is that coloured Immigrant’s opinion does NOT matter even if it is evidence-based. I have not mentioned anything on this forum which is not evidence-based and the Regulator (ICCRC) knows it

Abject Racism. As an ordinary member, I was invited to attend the town hall, and I arrived there alone. As an ordinary member, I attended the event alone and I experienced something which is unexplainable. I wrote an open letter to ICCRC on my experience, and they have not refuted it. They just kept quiet, but this message is clearly understandable. The croney network is set in motion to discredit me. What I discussed is a fact, and if it was not accurate, I should have received a response as to the accuracy of my letter and the sections of the document that does not match their recollection. It must be refuted before I can work on providing evidence. ICCRC has not refuted my narration, but racism is rampant. An immigrant HAS TO PROVE what he says. If he does not have proof, then just discredit him. The whites are supreme beings and cannot be questioned; HOW DARE HE?

At the ICCRC town hall, they did not record the event, they did not allow anybody else to record the event and even announced that it is not allowed. The event was mostly attended by Cronies (members of the Association who are being trained to occupy the directorship of ICCRC so that the status quo continues). After Mr Stephen attended the event, which was “strange” to tell the least, he took the time to send a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of ICCRC who insulted him when the chairman was asked a question. He nor ICCRC has responded to date. Mr Stephen does not expect a response because coloured Immigrants are not considered worthy of a response.

Mr. Stephen had this to say: I made a mistake attending this ICCRC town hall or any ICCRC event. Most Practitioners were smart to ignore the town halls as they are predominantly populated by the “Association” trained supporters or cronies. When complaining about the town hall incident, Coloured Immigrants are required to submit “evidence” for what was supposed to be an “Open” and small group of people discussing about the transfer to college. A shameful display of authoritarianism.

This is a change, and why? What “certain facts” did he say? He is an immigrant Mr. Perrault, but he does not suck up to anyone Mr. Perrault, what are the “certain facts”?

Mr Stephen has come across several other communication from “RCIC together” which is false and will take the time to respond on this website. Unfortunately, he is engaged in his work as he operates a global immigration establishment and the current covid situation is challenging! The election conducted was a sham with only about 1/3 or the membership attended even after every member received false and misleading propoganda and we will discuss it here shortly!

There are two questions answered by Mr Bruce Perrault in the image above and it is a shameful display of lies and dishonesty. He has taken a lot of effort in misguide and introduced the word “protect consumers”. Here is Mr Stephens Credentials. He has multiple offices at international locations. He has an office in Delhi, he has an office in Trivandrum, and among others. None of his offices come under search (except for one) when a consumer searches for an Immigration Consultant in the region. Example: If a consumer is looking for a consultant in Thiruvananthapuram on the ICCRC website, and he searches for a consultant in the area, he will obtain a list of agents, Therefore, a Canadian Corporation, who collects fees in Canadian $ and deposits it on Canadian soil, and the owner a Canadian Citizen, who comes under the legal jurisdiction of Canada has NO rights to be in that market and ICCRC claims through the false answer of Mr Bruce Perrault and they have access to funds collected by a foreign agent in that town which is FALSE. It is a lie because it is an acceptable truth that foreign agents (foreign nationals operating under a company registered in a foreign country) is outside the jurisdiction of Canada. This type of falsehood was spread before the elections in 2019 to insult and make ordinary members like Mr Stephen look bad. Very typical of a white racist group!

The second question he says “most or all are opinions”. This is very typical of a racist remark where coloured Immigrants are branded as those who do not understand between opinion and facts. The election form is proof positive and that it is not an opinion but a fact. They will attribute everything to opinion. Here are the facts, this paragraph is taken from another page: Keep in mind this information was circulated to all members when elections were taking place for the College:

Today Agent FREE Canadian Multinational Corporations (Immigration firms) is almost extinct thanks to the RACIST operation of ICCRC. The regulator created regulations that blocked the participation of election of these Agent FREE Multinational Canadian Corporations because they introduced criteria that were based on boundaries when Immigration Consultants typically work without boundaries. Condition to participate in an ICCRC board election “ you must be a resident of and have your primary place of business in, the geographic region you wish to seek office”. A primitive condition used for municipal or provincial regulation and not a global regulator like an “Immigration regulator.” A copy of the form can be viewed here! Directors of Canadian MultiNational Immigration Corporations often live in Canada and have global operations. They come with a lot of experience and they are the ONLY ones who confront and face FAKE CONSULTANTS overseas and are a valuable source of first-hand information in several areas. They are NOT part of the community, and why? Abject Racism!

Final segment of this communication and its response. The message was sent out by RCIC together responding to Mr Stephen’s communication and it was all FALSE. These messages was part of a blitz engaged by RCIC together, a propaganda arm of ICCRC run by a bunch of white men & women!

Another false narrative by Mr Bruce Perrault. He probably does not even understand how serious it would be viewed if the general public in developing countries knows about the private nature of the Canadian Regulator. All you have to do is to change ICCRC to ICCRC Pvt Corp or indicate below ICCRC the following in the logo: “A private Regulatory body for Immigration Consultants”. It would not be accepted well by international applicants. It is just a commonsense fact because all other countries in the world does not have a private regulator for Immigration. But if an immigrant raises this, he is insulted. Of course, someone in ICCRC is more trusted, they are “parliament approved” after all!

Now let us visit the first part of the falsehood: Mr. Stephen does not want either ICCRC or the College and what would anybody with common sense want? Let us analyze:

Does anybody want to pay for regulation when it is run by a Racist, Corrupt and Crony based organization? NO. (Of course, the cronies and the racists and a few other honest consultants who had read propaganda material of RCIC together would love it. Is it surprising that only 1/3 of the membership participated in such an important decision?)

Why is representation rates important? If you are an Immigration Consultant, please spend a few minutes reading this!

A number of emails sent out to the membership were identified and referred to Mr Stephen for review. These communications will show the abject disregard for the livelihood of people who had taken Immigration Consulting as a profession and wanted a Regulator who would do its job to protect the public and provide confidence to the public to use Representation. This is what Mr Stephen had to say: “It is sad to glance through that communication from RCIC together. It just shows that some white guys who don’t understand this profession has hijacked it and destroyed it. These messages were sent before an important election where the propaganda wing of ICCRC wants members not to vote if they think another way, and they call this Self Regulation”

Much more to come…….