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An ICCRC Director: Who are they?

We will explore a few ICCRC directors and who they are, their corrupt approach to a profession which should embrace honesty and Integrity. Latifa El-Ghandouri is what an ICCRC director is all about and let us explore how much this individual can contribute to the profession with low exposure, little or no representation rates. She has sat as a Director of ICCRC for the past 5 years despite her corrupt mindset and will likely be there for another year.

The Knowns:

  1. Latifa El-Ghandouri is a corrupt individual who when elected to the Board of Directors of ICCRC, instead of thanking the membership for her position, sends an email seeking a bribe from Mr Stephen because of her popularity. ICCRC did not act against this corrupt practice because Latifa was the pick of a White Man Phil Mooney who canvassed for her during the elections and corruption among cronies is acceptable by this “Parliament Approved” regulator.
  2. Latifa’s contribution was “unknown” because she lacks representation rates to justify her position
  3. Latifa El-Ghandouri was elected because she was a former member of CAPIC, an organization that is NOT actually an association but a recruiting ground for ICCRC to protect the interest of a white group. (If CAPIC was an association and acted in the interest of its members, CAPIC would have acted on the corruption complaint against Latifa El-Ghandouri and directed ICCRC to act, instead CAPIC supported ICCRC and announced that it is working with ICCRC. Immigration Consultants DO NOT have an association)
  4. Latifa El-Ghandouri has little or no representation rates. She never discloses her representation rates. The very least a member can do is to announce their representation rates based on the service platform they operate on. When Politicians can disclose their tax returns, so can a member when they stand for a position in ICCRC. Don’t a member have the right to know the depth of knowledge of the person they are voting for into power? (Not a requirement of ICCRC but a crucial requirement of any Immigration Consultant who wants a regulator to grow based on applied facts instead of part-timers)
  5.  ICCRC wants its directors to be cronies or else they have NO chance to stand or win elections. The entire operation is stage-managed by CAPIC a recruitment ground for ICCRC and Latifa El-Ghandouri is a result of this commensalism. People who stand for elections are vetted by “RCIC together” run by a group of white (possibly racist) men who falsely provides the “Fact-Checking” (without facts) newsletter to the entire membership. They have destroyed a True Consultant!

The Unknowns: If Latifa El-Ghandouri does not have representation rates, then was she working as? Was she working in some other profession? Was she a Real Estate Clerk?   Why then was she picked by the “White group” in ICCRC to be elected as a director of ICCRC? Why is she there for so long? Is she acting as a proxy for someone? If so who? What is her contribution to the profession? Has she devoted her time to anything else other than working for an Association which is responsible for the disintegration of this profession?

Why is representation rates important? If you are an Immigration Consultant, please spend a few minutes reading this!