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Additional Massage

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This platform will now focus on releasing credible data about corruption, lies and falsehood practiced by people who are directors or former directors of ICCRC. This site will ONLY provide evidence-based information. Any information without evidence will be marked likewise.

The following information will be displayed shortly:

  • Latifa El-Ghandouri: Director of ICCRC for 4 years: Corruption
  • Ali Amlani: Former Chair of the board of directors of ICCRC: Lies
  • Phil Mooney: lies and deception
  • Dory Jade: A FAKE Association

In the next two weeks, this platform will provide evidence about corruption into Latifa, a sitting director for 4 years on the board of ICCRC. WE will also see the Parliament approved “Organization” protect, support and allow this board member to sit for 4 long years even though the complaint of corruption against her with proof was provided within days of her being elected into the position. We will carefully examine her responses where we will see she has provided NO evidence or reasoning for the demands made by her. This platform will clearly provide only provide evidence-based material and opinions not based on evidence will be marked likewise.

Subsequently we will post evidence-based deceptive and lying practices of Phil Mooney, Ali Amlani, Jory Dade among others

We will also review the “RCIC together” newsletter which most of you receive and analyze their narrative.

All this takes time, please revisit from time to time! We are relying on content from a very senior consultant and we are dependent on their free time to contribute.

The contributor to this piece is Mr. Stephen, a Senior Consultant since 1993, is tied up with his consultation work and will come to this piece shortly. This site is slated for completion in March of 2020.