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A True Consultant! What is self-regulation?

We have seen several part-timers occupying key positions in ICCRC and draining this profession of its goodness. What we see is the worst this profession has to offer. Any of you who are keeping track of Representation rates would know that representation rates are down year after year after ICCRC became a regulator. Representation Rates are a litmus test of the state of this profession. Regulator was created to protect the public, however, if the general public has reduced trust in the regulator, then what is the purpose. Representation rates for the past 10 years are on a downward spiral, nobody talks about it because it would expose them and they would lose “power”. A regulator who has the interest of the membership must publish representation rates and work on increasing it, but unfortunately, that is not the type of regulator we have. We have one who will come after our money with truly little to give back other than corruption, racism and bad stuff! We, consultants, are paying someone to regulate us for NO reason. It is a kind of legal theft.

Why is this regulation not working? People are hiding their “Representation Rates”. Nobody discusses it because nobody standing for election and those who have a lot of time in the forums have it. Those who have shed sweat for this profession are all kept outside, insulted and belittled when they ask questions or just plainly put, the regulations do not permit them to be elected because of Racism and Corruption within. People who occupy key positions are selected based on their “loyalty” towards a white group and not their Representation Rates, and act as proxies for a group.

Common Sense approach: If a consultant is new, he/she has little to contribute for the common good because he/she is still in the learning process. Therefore, the first thing the profession has to do is to stop people from becoming Directors of ICCRC unless they have been in the profession for a few years and have developed the confidence of the general public through representation rates. This is NOT how ICCRC operates. In fact, ICCRC wants a corrupt crony like Latifa El-Ghandouri who does not know much about this profession because the group of white people who controls this profession has a proxy in the board. They will also vet for loyalty. The membership is so disenfranchised that only one third of the membership voted on such an important topic of moving into a College. What a shame! And ICCRC boasted about their “Win”.

Don’t vote if you don’t like: What is more discerning is the fact that honesty and election participation is not welcome. “DO NOT VOTE IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT US” is the loud and clear message from the so-called association. Here is a message from Ms Lulwa, the Association president and another from the “CEO” of the Association. It is hard to vote for someone without representation rates, plain and simple! Hide your representation rates and there is NO VOTE because that is not true “self-representation”. Ms Lulwa further goes on to say that anyone seeking help must be submissive and accept the insults and attacks. Please take the relevance of the post, it was about corruption in ICCRC. She also indicates that else they are “enemies”. Please check Mr Stephens credentials and please identify him as your enemy Ms Lulwa, with reasons. You may send your response to and we can post it here!

Let us try to understand why we need a regulator.

ICCRC: Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council

RCIC: Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Self Regulation: Regulation by Immigration Consultants

“Immigration Consultant” is the key word and the meaning: People who represent anyone who is seeking immigration services.

Next let us examine the purpose of a Regulatory body: A regulatory body is to protect the public from fraud.

The contributory ability for Immigration Consultants: Your representation rates determine your contributory ability. In simple language, you can contribute towards the growth of the profession based on your experience and your effectiveness in attracting consumers. Therefore, if you have passed all your exams and you become licenced, then, you can be a consultant but your contributory ability for addressing the needs of this profession does not exist. This is because you have not met the first burden of representing sufficient clients (based on your service platform) to effectively contribute to the profession. It acts as a check and balance against cronyism. This is not followed in ICCRC who depends on cronyism. Most people on the ICCRC board are part-time consultants whose exposure and understanding of the profession is questionable. They hide their representation rates. Unless this profession has a way to release audited representation rates of board members, this profession is progressing towards a Ponzi Scheme model. This profession has historically attracted some very bad people. Today Board Members are predominantly “Agent” based individuals whose investment, analysis and understanding of the profession are highly questionable. They are unwilling to disclose their representation rates and service platform which is the very minimum the membership needs to know about their effectiveness.

When you are sitting on the board of a regulator, you are in a way representing the public to formulate good policy. However, if you do not have representation rates to understand public needs, then the purpose of your position is something else than good regulation. This is what happens in ICCRC. Most “Directors” are like Latifa El-Ghandouri have little or no Representation rates and the purpose of their upward growth is not as a contributor but a crony. They can be corrupt; they need not have representation rates and they are protected by the “Regulator”. This is dangerous and it is not a surprise that the profession is going backwards which confidence by the public plummeting. This is shown with lower and lower representation rates (public seeking immigration services) year after year under ICCRC.  

Therefore, your representation rates based on service platform is the key component to determine your contributory ability. Those who have high representation rates based on their service platform will undoubtedly be able to contribute to the growth of this profession. Unfortunately, because the platform is crony based, years of failed regulation has crumbled this profession. The only people who have succeeded are cronies and racists who dug deep into the membership pot and thrived at the cost of humble and hardworking consultants.

Some Hypotheticals (comparable to ICCRC/CAPIC. Keep in mind ICCRC/CAPIC quadrupled membership in a short period without considering Representation Rates. They reduced selection norms to become a consultant):

Just Imagine! A Hypothesis: If the Canadian Medical Association is faced with a situation where patients are moving to alternative medicine and every year, the patient count is going down, and when it is trending down, they quadruple their members and develop a lot of new programs to entice newer Canadians to join the medical profession without providing them with opportunities, what would happen? Would there be an opportunity for the new Doctors to have a decent livelihood? This is how ICCRC/CAPIC operates. Fortunately for the medical profession, the Fact is: The CMA keeps a keen eye on the gross average payment per Physician. Every year they increase, in 2018 it was $345K. Some professions have a true association and a good regulator) 

Just Imagine! A Hypothesis: Taxicab rides are reducing year after year because of the excellent public transportation system in Toronto! If the regulator quadruples taxi strength within a short period of time, and encourage new drivers to buy taxis to operate in Toronto, what would happen? That is the ICCRC/CAPIC way. Fortunately for Cab drivers, the Fact is: Taxies are regulated, and they are obviously watchful about the rides each of their cab drivers gets and licences are well managed based on population. Some professions have a true association and a good regulator.

FACT: ICCRC quadruples membership when client confidence in the profession keeps going down every year, public seeking representation keeps going down. Members who run ICCRC are not impacted by Representation Rates and they hate to discuss it. They mislead the membership into believing that opportunity exists beyond facts and data. True Consultants (Canadian Corporations who are global and agent-free) and kept out of the regulatory process even though this is a self-regulation model. There are infighting and abusive behaviour and silencing anyone who talks or has a question to ask.  

This Christmas, the party is ONLY for those individuals who profited from regulating a profession they helped destroy. You could see the Medical profession being happy with the increase in the gross average payment their members made, you could see the Taxi Drivers profession happy about the rides based on the population in their cities. For the Immigration Consultants profession, it is all about destroying the profession so that a few can eat from the membership fees they collect from unsuspecting Immigration Consultants who has put the trust of regulation in the hands of the Minister. We now have a group of people who sell the profession to foreign entities destroying the fabric of fairness in the process and profiting from the members. People who profit in this profession are those who target unsuspecting consultants who wanted to work in one of the oldest professions in the world with a desire to get rewarded for the service they do.  

If anyone within the current regulator had just a little interest in the profession, just a little goodness, like any human being would, NOBODY would ever quadruple membership when the opportunity (Representation Rates) was going down year after year. Data sourced from ICCRC shows Representation Rates falling down year after year. ICCRC hides this fact.